Monday, October 02, 2006

:.. Do Not Force Me! ..:

How to find a true friends?
Why they likes to talk at your back instead in front of you?
Shouldn't they support you when you are in trouble?
Why must follow the poer of majority to get into the group?
Somebody told me, "You must adapt to the environment of majority if you want to survive in college!", is it true?
I do not need friends who like ta talk behind me, i just want to finish my studies.
Who care whether you guys want to be my friends of not. I DONT CARE!

Why she must act so "SMALL GAS"?
So sensitive about small things?
If you are wrong, means you are wrong! Do not deny it by spreading around the news and get the sympathy of majority!
She suppose to helps the students not in Condeming a student's reputation.
You do not know me! I can do more than what wi did now!
Do not ever force me to do something that is not beneficial to you! Either to your reputation or your job status!

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