Tuesday, June 01, 2010

:: Perhentian Getaway Trip Day 2 ::

Ta..daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ As promised my milestone for my simple yet exciting getaway trip to Perhentian Island Day 2. Hope it's not too late to post this, for those who wait "impatiently"! ^^

Anyway, let's continue the journey from my Day 1 Milestone Diary. We plan to wake early to get ready for our 2nd day photo shooting, thought the weather would be good and perfect for early fresh beach breeze. Who know....Only God knows...Not a very good start as it rain heavily early morning and only stops around 11am++ something. By the time we got ready, the sun starts to shine right on top our head! But thanks to the heavy rain, we got the change to laze on our bed with the chilling air released from the non-chilling air cond. ^^

#1 You see you seee....the sky so dull with rain pouring onto the sea, while us watching from inside effortlessly. T-O-O (Hokkien, sun yen zhi's song)

After the rain slowing down, we ran and rush to cafe next door to had our yummy and not-so filling breakfast at Bayu Dive Lodge's cafe. We ordered 2 sets of fried egg toast with jem. Unfortunately, forgot to mentioned to change to scrambled/full-cook egg and ended me need to eat the "egg-eye-cow". Not hating it, but would prefer the cooked fried egg. RM4 per set, and eligible for 20% for staying with them. Okla, not that expensive as compare to RM7 mamak mee, or RM8 per mineral bottle. =.="

#2 tempting breakfast

Continue rolling on the bed for a while considering it's still raining outside, and the weather still chill enough for us to hide under the chilling comforter. LOL! But not long, as the merciless sun starts to shine and wtf..almost forgot we can't expose to sun (yes, we are vampire!!), so we quickly rush to get our bath, get our hairdo ready, outfit ready, makeup ready and importantly with camera fully charged before step out from our chalet! everything checked? YES!! let's go!!

#3 Starting with the family photo while uncle busy collecting sea shells and showing off his muscles with wet wet white shirt!! uhhhhhhhh..uncle very sexy! hahah!

#4 Me with some weird pose, with eyes 1/2 closed due to hot sun! Fuhhh!!

#5 Ok, let's get the 1st camwhore photo for 2 pretty leng luis on the island...

#6 yes, taking picture with the leave again~ What to do, limited props that we can use on the island other than the same leaves, beach, tress, sand, and etc etc.

#7 Another innocent photo of us

#8 Ok, too innocent, we decided to take another one. :)

#9 Me showing some hiao pose =.=""""

#10 June's turn to show some hiao pose pulak!!! Oii, not hiao at all!! show me more la! show me ur sexy bum bum pose la!! HAHHAHAHA...

#11 very nice clothes mathing! White-blue- blue + the sea also blue! Nice!!

#12 Uhhhhhhhhhhh~~ My leg in the sea...opsss.with slipper on~

#13 June's snap my butt's without my acknowledgement. tsk tsk tsk..but I do think my butt looks abit HOT......ahahahah! So decided to post it out for you to judge! hahahah~ Only can say NICE....not more and less than that. Thank you for your co-operation... =.=""

#14 with some wood chalet nearby.....

#15 Uhhhhhhhh~~ My leg look so long eventhough it's abit little *little bit nia ok! short in actual!

#16 very cute face expression June's manage to snap, while me watching Uncle and June's sister swimming in the swimming pool

#17 the photo contrast looks perfect for colourful (blue) us!

#18 Went to Arwana Cafe to had our lunch. Rm60++ for 4 of uf which is quite expensive. This is where they sell RM8 per big mineral bottle! =.="""

#19 RM6 Ice lemon tea

#20 Hui Ying with her nasi goreng kampung!

#21 us with our RM15 nasi goreng pattaya! Sooooooo expensive~ T_T yes, i'm quite kiam siap on food! hahaha!

#22 My solo time! ^^

#23 Uncle with his nasi goreng cina (which is cook by some foreigner or malay I guess) + my style of photo pose! hahahah!

#24 Nice shoot with the treeee and sea at the back

#25 With arwana Perhentian resort Sign board..

#26 I like to take this kind of photo, as it potrays how close their relationship by holding hand-in-hand walking over the beach... So warmmmmmmmmmmm~

#26 June, what do you want to do with you left hand? Molest my sexy smooth shoulder? hahaha!

After finish taking our nap at Arwana's resort, we decided to change to our next outfit = SPORTY THEME for our evening photoshoot. I do like my colorful outing very mush, as it make me look young and sporty. Thanks to June's sister's colorful singlet! :)

#27 With our lodge

#28 Nice flower

#29 Nice model! hahhaha!

#30 Getting ready to JUMP!! on your mark....get set goo..........

#31 fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fly ah!!!!! Jump ah!!!!!!! hahahah!

# 32 Jump ah!! I think we looks good on this shot! at least both of our leg were up fromt he ground!!! JUMP AHHH!!

#33 I look happy isn't? yes, it's been a while I manage to grab a picture me laughing like this. For your information, it's take during the attempt to take JUMPING shot. But unfortunately, all failed completely! =.="

#34 My cutie look! ^^

#35 June act in playing the water.... okla, at least we manage to dive into their beach.. *leg and hand nia*

#36 ahahahha! "Can i have RM1 please...i got no money to eat.." look like beggar asking for money pose?

#37 To mark down our memory, been to Perhentian May 21-23 Yr2010!!

#38 my turn!!

#39 Went to bistro next door for our early dinner. Kung's family smiling gracefully!

#40 Very cooling and yummy Milo blended shake...

#41 Very yummy pineapple fried rice!

#42 chicken pop corn? =.= I Only ate one piece.......Not that bad, but not that good...

Again, it's time for our hear-to-heart chatting session with beer as companion. Hahahahah! We manage to enjoy a while our beachy time on the beach chair nearby. But not much wind that night and there is alot of mosquitoes flying around and biting me!!!! wtf!! my blood better and tastier is it? T_T So we hang for a while only before we continue to go and grab our supper nearby. Apa lagi, 2 cans of beer and french fries please~ Hahahahah!

#43 Lying on the chair

#44 Phewwwwittt!! our sexy long leggg~ Guess which one is mine.. =.= Ok, i know what are u thinking "The shorter one ma urs loh!!" *longggggggg sweat*

#45 relaxing

#46 relaxing toooo

#47 Our beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrr

#48 not sure what JUne want to do with her leg...I think she got plan to bury her head onto the hole, but too scared so use her leg to test water first.....LOL!

Stay tune for Day III updates! More photos to come! :)
For more photos on second day, check it out on my Facebook album here!


  1. LOL... so cham meh want to ask for RM1 from the sea water -.-

  2. wah lau eh...how many times you jump to get that nice jumping pic...i tried many times..failed

  3. ohhhhhhh... pig face... din see the no teeth geh? =.=